Tamarack Waldorf School

High School Curriculum

Tamarack High School: Curriculum Template


Required Seminars
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
BiologyHuman Sense OrganizationCirculatory, Metabolic, Nervous SystemsBotany; EmbryologyZoology & Evolution
Earth ScienceGeologyHydrology & ClimatologyAstronomyEcology
MathematicsAlgebra; Permutations & ProbabilityEuclidean Geometry; Conic FormsTrigonometry; Projective GeometryCalculus; Economics
HistoryRevolutions; The 20thCenturyAncient CulturesMedieval History; History thru MusicHistory through Architecture
LiteratureThe Novel; Comedy & TragedyThe Epic; History through LanguageClassical Texts; Heroes & AntiheroesWorld Literature; Philosophical Writings
Manual, Visual & Performing ArtsBlack & White Drawing, Block Printing, Copper, Clay, Wood, SoapstoneVeil Painting, Textiles, Cabinetry, Sculpture, 10thGrade PlayLandscape Painting, Stone-carving, Jewelry-making, BookbindingSenior Play; Portraiture, Clothing Design, Furniture D

All HS students have year-long weekly classes in Math Skills, English Skills, Social Studies, Foreign Language(s), Gym/Movement, Instrumental & Choral Music and Service Learning.

Electives are offered in 11th and 12th Grades. Extra-curriculars: sports, journalism, debate, theatre, urban ecology et al.

Seniors are required to complete a year-long independent project, including a research paper, artistic component and public presentation.

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