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Michelle Hays
(Tamarack Parent)

I have 2 children attending Tamarack Waldorf and I could not be happier with the staff, administration and school community. I have been especially grateful for the shifting in “keeping children young” and away from the fast-paced life that threatens to overtake us. I am very comfortable with the approach to academics, inclusion of nature and school celebrations. I could not be more thrilled with natural objects, supplies, and handiwork, and the absence of advanced technology in the k3-8 grades. There is plenty of time for exposure to technology, and my children are thriving in this enviroment. They are both happy to go to school each day and happy to return for school events. We as a family are fortunate to have a Waldorf school so close.

Kate Knuth
(Tamarack Parent)

Tamarack Waldorf School has brought our family so much happiness. We moved back to Milwaukee so that my three boys could attend this school. My eldest son, after one day in his new class, was jumping up and down for joy. He said he had never been happier, and it is true. I have never experienced him so satisfied and content, day after day, as he comes home from school. His teacher is warm, friendly, funny, affectionate, clear and fair. We are so very happy to have found our home at Tamarack and in the community here. Thank you to both the teaching faculty and the administrative staff, who are just top-notch.

Jen & Steve Jerbi
(Tamarack Parents)

Our family have been with Tamarack for the last four years. We LOVE it! The holistic mind, body and spirit approach to our children and the respect for childhood are HUGE. Children go outside everyday where they are fed by this time out in the world and fresh air playing. Children are met where they are at and encouraged to their best selves. Each child is valued for the wonder and magic they bring to the classroom and world. We also very much love the sense of community we experience with other parents and families. Folks respect one another and are able to come together from various walks of life to offer ourselves to our children and the community. It is really a life-giving place.

Peggy Hong
(Tamarack Alumni Parent)

At Tamarack, every child is gifted and talented. Sure, some children may excel at math, others at writing. Another child may be an adept musician, another a keen artist. Another student may be gifted socially, a harmonizer in the classroom. Whatever the gift, each child is recognized and valued non-hierarchically. Teachers nurture the gifts as well as challenge each child to develop capacities that don’t necessarily come naturally. Waldorf education emphasizes well-roundedness, so that each child develops academically, artistically, socially, and athletically.

Lori Barian Karp
(Tamarack Alumni Parent)

Waldorf education in the city of Milwaukee is a real gift. Contemporary, dynamic, evolving, this educational approach meets the needs of our children in these times better than anything else I’ve seen.


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