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Mission Statement

The spirit of our mission remains unwavering. This mission has been set forth in our admission and recruiting materials for many years, but we have long felt that the written form did not adequately capture what we do every day. So, with a sense of passion and commitment, we are excited to share with you our updated written statement of our mission:

Our Mission

Through honoring and cherishing each child as an individual, Tamarack Waldorf School works to achieve academic excellence and social harmony. We offer a pre-school through 9th Grade curriculum that integrates the humanities, arts and sciences and is grounded in Rudolph Steiner’s understanding of the intellectual, emotional and physical stages of child development. Our inspired and accomplished educators foster curiosity and wonder, artistic creativity, social responsibility, a deep appreciation for work, and a lifelong love of learning. We are dedicated to developing our diverse community of students into becoming independent and critical thinkers who are inspired and able to succeed within and shape modern society.

We believe this statement captures the essence of who we are and the ideal to which we strive each and every day. Tamarack is a uniquely diverse Waldorf community. No other Waldorf school in our country serves the broad range of socio-economic backgrounds that comprise our student body and overall community. Through your support, we will continue to grow and serve.

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